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  • How can I connect my phone to a PC via USB cable?

    When your device connects to a PC, the device will ask you which mode you want to use.

    To transfer data between the device and computer, select Transfer files (MTP) mode. This mode is used by default. 

    To transfer data to camera specific software on your PC, or when MTP mode is not supported, select Transfer photo (PTP) mode.

    To disable all data and file transfer connection with computer and put device in charging only mode, select “Charging only” mode.

    Select MIDI mode to use MIDI input to your device.

    Computers that use Windows XP might not connect properly, because they don’t have the proper drivers installed by default. To fix this, download and install Windows Media Player 11 or higher which contains the proper drivers.

    Computers that use Mac OS X 10.5 or later might not connect properly, because they don’t have the proper drivers installed by default. To fix this, download and install Android File Transfer which contains the proper drivers.

  • What can I do when my phone pops up a warning saying “high temperature”?

    The warning is the normal consequence of the CPU handling excessive data, which makes battery warm. It is a recommendation message and not harmful to battery or phone even if the phone feels hot.

          You can follow below actions to make phone return to normal temperature:

    1. It is suggested not to expose your phone in the sunshine for long time;
    2. Close large power consumption applications, such as music , chatting applications, GPS application, 3D gaming, video streaming etc.;
    3. Reduce the brightness of screen to lower the temperature
  • How can I play music?

    Touch the “Music” app from home or under main menu. You will find five libraries in which all songs are classified: Artists, Album, Songs, Genres and Playlists. Choose the Touch to play music you want to listen.

  • What is App Restriction feature?

    App restriction function prevents apps from running in the background indefinitely. This will speed up and improve the general performance of the device. If you active the Restriction of an app, this app might stop working or interfere with wanted functionally. It’s possible that you won’t receive push notifications from restricted app (if it uses them).

  • How do I configure proxy settings for a Wi-Fi network?

    Some network administrators require you to connect to internal or external network resources via a proxy server. By default, the Wi-Fi networks are not configured to connect via a proxy, but you can follow below steps to change that for each Wi-Fi network you’ve added.

    1)    Touch and hold a network with connected status in the list of Wi-Fi networks

    2)    Touch “Modify network” in the dialog that opens

    3)    Select “Advanced options”

    4)    If the network has no proxy settings, touch “None” under “Proxy”, then touch “Manual” in the pop-up menu

    5)    Type the proxy settings supplied by your network administrator. 

    6)    Finally, touch “Save”

    Note: all above steps only change the Wi-Fi setting. To change the proxy setting for others, you should modify them individually.