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PIXI 4 6"


Pure 6" big screen
Dual flash camera
Polaroid enabled features
Lifestyle accessories





8 MP, 5 MP

Screen size


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Live large

Light : 176gr
Thin : 7.9 mm

Discover the brand new phablet, the PIXI 4 (6), offering a larger experience thanks to its stunning 6-inch display.
A bigger display means better video viewing experience and easier multitasking.
It offers the portability and functionality of a smartphone crossed with the dynamic, big-screen experience of a tablet.

It is also a sleek companion with its 7,9mm and 180gr.

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Dual cameras

Dual flash 8 mpx + Autofocus camera

It also comes along with exclusive filters, a 8 megapixel dual flash autofocus camera and a 5 megapixel front-facing camera for video chats and selfies. All this makes the phone an absolute pleasure to use among friends.

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Big screen, small hands?

One Hand mode

The PIXI 4 - 6” is a terrific smartphone to choose if you wish the best video viewing experience, and even with its impressive size, it's just shrink it down on-demand with the one-handed operation mode. So, your favorite movies are just a fingertip away

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Epic power

1,1 GHz Quad-core Processor

Running out of power regulary?
the PIXI 4 (6) streams movies over a quad-core processing power.
More than enough to watch a few films during the day. and obviously, this means you can download more videos, more music, more apps and more everything.